HumaniTerra The humanitarian surgical care NGO

The Humanitarian Surgical Care NGO

Our missions: Operate, Train and Rebuild

Since 1998, more than 800 professionals have joined us as volunteers in all four corners of the world.

Our Organisation

HumaniTerra is composed of more than 300 active members and donors.
The General Meeting elects a Board of Directors who then nominates an Executive Team. All of the administrators are committed to HumaniTerra’s humanitarian actions on a strictly volunteer basis.
Executive management is composed of employees and active volunteer members who implement the development programmes.

The Board of Directors:
  • Bénédicte ANSEL
  • Dr. Alain BARBER
  • Dr. Jean Luc CHUZEL
  • Philippe DAGUERRE
  • Pierre DANESI
  • David ECHINARD
  • Dominique BONNEFOY
  • Alain RENAUD
  • Hubert RICHA
  • Christine RONCALEZ
  • Dr Bruno SALAZARD
  • Bernard SERVEL
  • Dominique TESTUT
The Office:
  • President:
    Bruno SALAZARD
  • Managing Director:
    Xavier DUFRENOT
  • Secretary General:
    Pierre DANESI
  • Deputy Secretary General:
    David ECHINARD
  • Treasurer :
    Bénédicte ANSEL
Ethics and Supervisory Committee
  • Dr. Christian ECHINARD
  • Dr. Jean-Hervé SIMONNET
  • Dr. Mohammed SALEM
  • Dr. Hélène LEHORS

Our Programmes

Through its network of volunteer health professionals, HumaniTerra intervenes directly in these countries by means of its surgical care missions.

  • 7

    Countries in which we work

  • 800


  • 25

    Surgical missions/year

  • 700

    patients treated/year

Our FacebookPage

Find all of HumaniTerra’s news on our facebook page. We regularly publish information regarding volunteer recruiting campaigns for 10-day missions. Follow us and stay connected!

HumaniTerra, an association recognised as being of public interest.

For every donation, we’ll send you a tax receipt allowing you to deduct up to 66% of the amount of your gift. For example, a gift of €100 will only cost you €34 after the tax deduction. You can also deduct up to 75% of your gift from your ISF French wealth tax. In this case, a gift of €100 will only cost you €25 after the tax deduction. Support our actions while reducing your tax liability or ISF French wealth tax.

What is the advantage of the tax reduction?

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Mutualisation of Gifts

As a principle, Humaniterra does not appropriate gifts but pools them with all the funds received.
This clear principle allows us to intervene solely according to the true needs in the field and not in terms of financial considerations or high media attention on emergency situations.

How will my gift be used?

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Our volunteer teams head out to operate and carry out our mission in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Haiti, Jordan, Gaza, Cameroon and Tunisia for one to two weeks at a time.

These missions are organized so that the post-operating follow-up of patients may be ensured by the next team. Each team is composed of a surgeon, an anesthetist, a scrub nurse, and for orthopedic and reconstructive surgery missions, a kinesiotherapists. Most of our missions take place from March to May and October to December.

Processus de recrutement


Indicate how you heard about us: informational meeting, internet


Prepare your application and send it in online


Two interviews will be held if your application is accepted: first with a recruiter, then with a head of mission


Once you’ve been recruited, a mission adapted to your particular profile will be identified


You’ll participate in a briefing meeting at our head office before leaving


You leave for the mission

Priority Profiles

  • Anesthetists, in particular pediatric (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Jordan, Tunisia, Gaza, Cameroon)
  • Experienced midwives (Haiti, Cambodia)
  • Plastic surgeons (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Jordan, Tunisia, Gaza, Cameroon)
  • Pediatric orthopedic surgeons (Bangladesh)
  • ENT surgeons
  • Kinesiotherapists (Bangladesh)
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HumaniTerra's head office has concrete needs for supporting its operations.


  • Communications
  • Project Coordination
  • IT / Database Administration


  • Administrative assistant
  • Biomedical engineer
  • Archivist
  • Specialist/Database Administrator

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